Finding Room…In from the Deep

“When I made love with him, I used a great deal of energy and afterwards I felt and started not to care about anything that would normally bother me. I allowed myself to feel the joy inside of myself. I felt renewed every time I had experienced deep passion with the man he was. Obviously, there was a direct link between chastity, religion and political orthodoxy. I began to realize that in order to sustain fear and lunatic madness that one has to ‘bottle’ some powerful instinct and use it as a driving force. This was my mother still alive within me pushing and forcing me to honor the faith and cultural imperatives. …from “The Affair”. This is a gutsy revelation, raw yet tender. We know whereof Marcie speaks. This author belongs to her work.

This book reveals a series of profound psychological and contemporary messages. It discusses the fundamental interpretations of the diverse ingredients of story and poetry including concepts of the higher self, the abandoning of old values and things, and the ultimate power of voluntarily making the descent into the personal and collective unconscious terrain of the soul.



Other Books By This Author


“Of Cats and Other Tales” is a collection of poetry and prose. Each poem, each prose piece, each story, carries medicine for the reader. It includes lessons I personally learned from the animals, birds, insects, and human beings that crossed my path. These lessons are inclusive of my strengths and weaknesses, my talents and gifts, my vision and purpose, and my place in life.Earth’s creatures are healing in that they soothe the spirit and empower the will. The truth needs no explanation just reflection.May this book enrich the lives of all of you who read it and may you feel my love as you journey along with me.